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Master Equestrian Centre

Designing a modern website for a traditional business.

Rustic love

A woodland web design adventure.


I was approached by Osrodek Jezdziecki Master (eng. Master Equestrian Centre) to work on a web design project for them, as they identified an opportunity in taking their traditional business into the digital space.

The brief was to understand the brand, its’ appeal and that special feeling people get when they interact with this beautiful place.

Master is an equestrian centre in western Poland, they offer a range of summer horse riding and military camps for kids of various ages. They are also the home of the Lubuski Cavalry Division.

What I did
Web design

Web design

Mount up, get set.

The homepage for Master stands in a unique position of likely being the first point of contact between the customer and the business. As such, it holds the power of immediately making the visitor recognise the spirit of this place, and fall in love with it.

A proud home

Rich in history, Master is a centre of local culture.

The website doubles as a home to the Lubuski Cavalry Division, a group of enthusiasts of both horse riding and history, who together cultivate the traditions of the  14th Ulthan Regiment, which existed in the years 1918 – 1939.

Summer camps

Fresh woodland air, campfires and sunshine.

Master offers a range of summer camps for children and adolescent of various ages. The website needed to serve as a digital leaflet, informing customers of everything important and allowing them to quickly get in touch with the business to book their stay.


A family album.

Whilst this gallery isn’t an actual family album, I felt that due to the unforgettable experience this place provides – everyone here is one big family.

A quick glance at a number of photographs and home made videos allows a potential customer to further their understanding of the rustic atmosphere of this place.

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