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Designing a better way to share rides for students

F*ck traffic.

Rideshares aren’t anything new. We haven’t invented them. We came up with an idea to make them better for students.


We Are Base – a local agency came into AUB in a time between projects, and briefed us on a new project – use connected technologies to solve a city living problem. My team decided to make an app, levreging user experience and interfaces to solve a problem of congestion.

Our idea was to create a concept for an ridesharing app for students, since there’re a lot of students who still drive to their univerities, and more often than not they have free seats. It also allowed us to think about challenging the safety and security issues that most ridesharing solutions lack. Our project ran for a week, in a team of four we came up with the brand, app design, marketing campaigns and considered how this would work as a business model.

What I did
Brand identity, UI/UX design (app), Web Presentation

The empty seat problem


  • Students are driving around with empty seats while their friends pay to get the bus.
  • Car sharing is seen as both risky and difficult to organise.
  • This stigma unnecessarily adds to congestion, costs students money and damages the environment.

To solve this problem, we created a community based ride sharing app, exclusively for students. Levo is a hybrid between a social network and a carpooling app, providing a secure platform to connect those who drive with other students who are travelling to the same place at the same time.


App design

A case of simplicity in complexity

The app uses university databases to confirm student identity through academic emails. Easy scheduling allows the user to ensure always requesting a ride early enough.

A simple process

Quickly request a ride outside of your schedule

The scheduled rides are important, but sometimes a student needs to go into university on their off day to get that late project finished.

Always prepared

The scheduled rides view ensures easy overview

Quickly access all your rides and pickups, making sure you see the best route, message your driver, or cancel your ride. All easy steps.


Understand the audience. Adapt.

We knew that this service would be exclusive to students, so general and traditional marketing schemes such as billboards or posters in public could not happen. We opted for more personalised and targeted advertising, using social media platforms – because students are already on these. Here’s a few samples of what our advertising could look like, in line with the levo brand.


Special thanks to WeAreBase for providing us with this awesome brief and all of their insightful feedback and critque.
Thanks to Arts University Bournemouth for arranging this project.


The teammates

Carl Feilner – www.carlfeilner.com

Jack Heathcote – www.jackheathcote.co.uk

Ross Freeborn – www.rossfreeborn.co.uk

Interested in working together?

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